Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education

An engaging learning platform for computer science

Minecraft Education is a special version of Minecraft, the most popular game in the world, designed for use in schools. It adds key features teachers can use while keeping up with changes made to the Java and Bedrock versions.

It offers a pleasant learning experience for all kinds of subjects, although we mainly use it for its coding aspects.

There are three main types of features added to Minecraft Education.

  1.  Education-specific game features, like the camera or book and quill, help students record their progress.
  2. The code builder and agent allow students to use coding to help them with building, which makes learning code very enjoyable.
  3. A library of worlds with lessons planned for all subjects, including a Chemistry resource pack.
FIS schoolbuild
We are curently building the Frankfurt Internationnal School at 1:1 scale.
Our classroom
Every student has their own device and we can display any screen on the board.
One of our corperate events
We help entertain children at events they might not be interested in.
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Why we use Minecraft education

Minecraft Education allows students to work together, even from their own homes. This means that students who can’t attend school can still participate in lessons. 

The simulated world is a place that allows for creativity and experiments, without the risks or the clean-up process that are usually involved.

Besides the Digital Computer skills students develop, playing Minecraft Education in a group setting will also build social Skills to help in all areas of life.

Even students, who struggle with traditional teaching methods are often motivated and enthusiastic about lessons using Minecraft Education. It provides a fun way for anybody to learn effectively.

Code Editor

The most important added feature for us in the Coding club is the Code editor.

It allows students to add code to their Minecraft world using Microsoft MakeCode blocks, Python, or Tynker. 

We mainly use the MakeCode blocks as they allow students to learn the fundamentals of coding without the confusing interface of traditional Programming languages.

The written codes can be applied to the Player directly or to their agent, a “virtual” robot, that can carry out any building commands the player programs for it.

How we use Minecraft education

We host regular Clubs in the classroom or online, focusing on Teamwork and Computer Science.

In one of our clubs, we have started rebuilding the Frankfurt International School at a 1:1 scale with our students. During this process, we teach students to use the code editor to their advantage.

We help schools integrate Minecraft Education into everyday school life by developing model projects and plans for lessons.

Additionally, we host week-long holiday camps, corporate events, and even birthday parties.